Margin Scheme on Sale of Vacant Land (GST on Property Sales)

Generally, the amount of GST you must pay on property sales is equal to one-eleventh of the sale price. If eligible, you may be able to use the margin scheme on your property sale. If applicable under the margin scheme the amount of GST payable on your property sale is one-eleventh of the margin for your sale. Different methods are applied to properties purchased at different time.

The margin is generally the difference between the sale price and one of the following:

Sales of vacant land can be subject to the margin scheme in certain circumstances:
When buying property where the margin scheme was used, you can’t claim a GST credit for the GST included in the purchase price – even if it was for business purposes.

If you were charged the full rate of GST when you originally purchased a property, the margin scheme can’t be used when you sell it. This is because you would have claimed the GST back as part of your business.

To apply the margin scheme both parties need to agree in writing that the scheme is to apply. No tax invoices are to be issued.
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